Amberjack, Yellowtail - Seriola dumerili

Seriola dumerili, commonly known as Amberjack, is a marine fish belonging to the family Carangidae. Ricciola Seriola dumerili Amberjack Yellowtail Carangidae carangidi

Ricciola Seriola dumerili


Distribution and habitat

It is located in the Mediterranean Sea, Pacific Ocean, near India and in the Atlantic Ocean, from 10 to 360 meters deep, most commonly between 20 and 70 meters.  Ricciola Seriola dumerili Amberjack Yellowtail Carangidae carangidi




It is the largest fish of the trevally family, being able to reach 2 meters in length and 70-100 kg. It is a pelagic fish characterized by silvery blue color, with a longitudinal gold color line, forked tail and two dorsal fins, the first short and the second long. It presents an oblique dark bar across the eye.  


Incontri sotto la barca - Ricciola Seriola dumerilii -
Encounters under the boat – Amberjack Seriola dumerilii –



The yellowtail is much more confidant during youth, as it becomes more cunning and careful as it grows. Younger fishes, in whose livery are obvious shades of yellow, tend to congregate in herds, older specimens are usually solitary. The approach to the coast takes place in spring and summer, during spawning.  

Supply It feeds on other fish and invertebrates. 

The Carangidae are a family of ray-finned fish which includes the jacks, pompanosjack mackerels, runners, and scads. It is the largest of the six families included within the order Carangiformes. Some authorities classify it as the only family within that order but molecular and anatomical studies indicate that there is a close relationship between this family and the five former Perciform families which make up the Carangiformes.




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Encounters under the boat – Amberjack Seriola dumerilii

Amberjack / Yellowtail – Seriola dumeriili

Amberjack Yellowtail – Seriola Dumerili

Ricciole in caccia

Yellowtail, Amberjack – Seriola dumerilii

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