European lobster

Homarus Gammarus, known as the European lobster or common lobster, belongs crustaceans class, Malacrostaca subclass, Decapoda order, Nephropidae family, it has a body completely covered by a robust shell with two large claws ...
Curiosity of the octopus la curiosità del polpo-2023-06-11-16h19m54s489

Symmetry and marine species

Symmetry in biology is the balanced distribution of duplicate body parts or shapes within the body of an organism. In nature and biology, symmetry is always approximate. Symmetry creates a class of patterns in nature, where the quasi-repetition of the pattern element is of reflection or rotation ...

Barrel Jellyfish and Plankton

During a night dive you can admire how much life there is in our sea and how fragile and hidden from our eyes it is. While I was trying to film a rhizostoma pulmo (Barrel Jellyfish) with blue light to try to capture some bioluminescence, ...