Basket star Astrospartus mediterraneus

It looks like a seaweed, a coral, a gorgonian but in reality it is a starfish. We are talking about the Basket starfish, Astrospartus mediterraneus. This starfish lives in close contact with the gorgonians, ...

Deadly Ambushes at Sea

Deadly Ambushes at Sea! It is the struggle for life! As we know, the big fish eats small fish, probably the weakest one, also carrying out a natural selection and a biological balance that has always occurred in a bloody way in nature. Unless human intervention, as more and more often happens in recent years, does not interrupt the biological cycle and thus create imbalances in nature which, as we know, eventually backfire the human.

Medusa Cassiopea mediterranea

Mediterranean Cassiopeia, Cotylorhiza tuberculata, is the jellyfish of the Mediterranean Sea. In the video we see a Cassiopeia jellyfish still at a rather juvenile stage of the "adult jellyfish" phase, that is, it does not yet have the characteristic "fried egg yolk" ...

Mediterranean sea Anemone

Mediterranean sea Anemone, (Anemonia sulcata), commonly known as Venus hair, is a species of sea anemone in the Actiniidae family. It has a cylindrical body, varying in color from yellow-brown to green, from which a crown of long, slightly retractable tentacles with violet-colored ends depart.

Golden anemone - Condylactis aurantiaca

Meeting Golden anemone, Condylactis aurantiaca, is always a beautiful event. This anemone also known as sand actinia or sand anemone, lives throughout the Mediterranean Sea and is not always ...