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Symbiosis between hermit crab and anemone

Symbiosis is quite frequent in the underwater world and in recent days we have witnessed one of the most classic forms of symbiosis in our Mediterranean Sea, that between the Hermit Crab or Hermit Crab (Pagurus bernhardus) and the Hermit Crab Anemone or Actinia (Calliactis parasitica). We are exploring a seabed composed of a coral wall that varies from 46 to 49-50 meters deep ...
Mnemiopsis leidyi-2024-07-09-18h32m25s290

Invasion of the Sea walnut Mnemiopsis leidyi

Also this summer we are witnessing the invasion of the Mnemiopsis leidyi or Sea walnut. This year we are in early July and the sea water is slowly warming up as always in summer. Punctually after a short and intense sea storm we witness an invasion of jellyfish, plastic, tree trunks and branches, various floating debris and as now every year also the Mnemiopsis leidyi, the now infamous Sea walnut. ...
School of Sand steenbras or Striped seabream – Branco di Mormore  o Marmore – Lithognathus mormyrus – www.intotheblue.it-2024-07-07-14h15m57s968

Branco di Mormore

The Sand Steenbras (Lithognathus mormyrus) is a beautiful elegant silver-colored fish with six very dark and highlighted vertical bands and an equal number of narrower and less evident bands, the body is long and compressed laterally, the profile is high and rounded. The lips are fleshy and the teeth are arranged in different rows; it can reach a length of 30 cm. and a weight that rarely reaches one kilogram. It has gregarious habits and we find it in small groups in a depth mixed with rock and sand at a depth that hardly exceeds 20 meters.
Lichene marino o Alga corallina Lithophyllum stictiforme Red algae-2024-07-03-17h16m42s009

Red algae

We have already talked about it, it is one of the oldest marine organisms on Planet Earth, marine lichen or coral algae belongs to the Plant Kingdom and the division of Red Algae. Common in the Mediterranean Sea and also in other seas and oceans, in the video we filmed the Lithophyllum stictiforme, Coralline algae, Red Coralline algae, Sea lichen. ...