Il Pesce Farfalla Bandiera del Mar Rosso – The Red Sea Bannerfish – Heniochus intermedius –

The Red Sea Bannerfish

Red Sea Bannerfish (Heniochus intermedius) is a Perciform fish which is found in waters around Africa and the Middle East. This fish is pale yellow below and white above, with two broad diagonal black bands, up to 20 cm in length. ...

Cardinalfish Apogon imberbis

This is not the classic goldfish! and we are not in a glass bowl! What we see in this video is the Apogon imberbis, the Cardinalfish, filmed in one of the many caves that characterize the rocky shores of the Mediterranean Sea. ...

False Coral - Myriapora Truncata

This can be seen very well underwater, and it is precisely here that we found the False Coral, Myriapora Truncata. Already in a few meters of depth we can find craters, cracks, gullies and ravines that demonstrate well the volcanic origin of the island. ...
La spugna Callyspongia Plicifera – The Azure Vase sponge – – vlcsnap-2020-01-11-17h22m11s618

La Spugna Callyspongia Plicifera

Azure Vase sponge, is a species of sea sponge belonging to the Demospongiae class, family Callyspogiidae. This movie movie was made during a diving in the Carribean sea, in the coral reef of Cayo Largo, a small island in the Los Canarreos Archipelago ...
La Stella Gorgone – The Basket Star – Astrospartus mediterraneus – – vlcsnap-2019-11-27-10h10m19s383

Basket Star

The Basket Star (Astrospartus mediterraneus), (Risso,1826) is a echinoderm belongs to the phylum Echinodermata, to the Ophiuroidea class, Gorgonocephalidae family. ...