Alga Ventaglio di mare

Flabellia petiolata

Flabellia petiolata  is a green algae in the Udoteaceae family. Flabellia petiolata is native to the Mediterranean Sea and also occurs in the Canary Islands and Cape Verde. Lives at a depth between 10 and 60 meters; the video that I present to you was made at a depth of over 50 meters and highlights a beautiful carpet of this important alga. It grows in coralligenous substrates of the sublittoral often in association with other algae.

Sea urchin reproduction

Also this summer we met some sea urchins all piled in one place. We therefore think we have filmed again the reproduction of  Sphaerechinus granularis. Like other echinoderms, sea urchins reproduce in the summer ...

Common Antlers Sponge

The Axinella polypoides, is a species of sea sponge belonging to the Demospongiae class, family Axinellidae and at phylum Porifera. it's present throughout the Mediterranean Sea. It comes in the form of a sapling and lives at a depth ranging from 20 meters to over 300 meters.