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Diving on the Duckypoo wreck Immersione sul relitto del Duckypoo-2024-07-19-09h28m31s963

Diving on the Duckypoo wreck

After about seven years we returned to dive on the wreck of the Duckypoo plane, an excellent US F4 derived from a Lockheed P-38F, shot down and then sunk just off the coast of Cecina (LI), by German anti-aircraft during a reconnaissance in June 1944, during the Second World War. Diving on the Duckypoo wreck intotheblue.it ....
Relitto Genepesca Wreck-2024-05-28-16h58m13s777


I dived on the wreck of the Genepesca, a "Classic" for those who frequent the seabed of the Vada shallows and the Livorno coast. The idea was to test the equipment, including torches and cameras but above all to try to make a video of the wreck without the mucilage that usually covers it in summer.
Discovering new wrecks-2022-07-12-18h00m53s355

Diving on Carmelo Noli' s wreck

Carmelo Noli was a tugboat, now it is one of the many wrecks of the Second World War that we can find in our Mediterranean. We were on this wreck more or less two years ago, intrigued by some reports of grabbing by some local fishermen, which we then saw published in the Notices to Seafarers of 16 May 2012. ...
Diving on Tabarka wreck – Immersione sul relitto del Tabarka – Intotheblue.it-2024-03-18-15h06m39s020

Diving on Tabarka wreck

The history of the Italian motor ship Tabarka tells us how many of the wounds caused by the Second World War are unfortunately still open. The Tabarka was part of a convoy of seven ships that left Livorno and headed for Corsica, which headed south, south/west to get around some minefields present in the waters off Livorno and the Secche di Vada area.
ship wreck “DIMITRIOS P” to Creta – relitto della nave “DIMITRIOS P” a Creta – www.intotheblue.it-2024-02-09-14h02m13s660

ship wreck “DIMITRIOS P” to Creta

During a holiday on the island of Crete we went to the nearby island of Gramvousa starting from the port of Kissamos. The passion for underwater video shooting brought us to this place with white sandy beaches, wild and rocky but with a crystal clear sea typical of the Mediterranean. We knew that there is the rusty wreck of ship wreck “DIMITRIOS P” on the island but we did not know the reason for the sinking.
Piero Foscari ship wreck Relitto nave Piero Foscari www.intotheblue.it-2023-10-10-11h57m19s238

Piero Foscari ship wreck

September 10, 2023 marked the eightieth year since the sinking of the Piero Foscari ship on September 10, 1943 in Castiglioncello near Livorno (Italy). In this video I show you what remains of the wreck completely destroyed during the last war. Furthermore, after 80 years the sea has caused further deterioration of the structure. The wreck is located at a depth of between 15 and 16 metres.
Squid eggs – Uova di Calamaro – www.intotheblue.it-2023-08-06-11h03m34s338

Squid eggs

In these two different dives at a depth ranging from about 40 to 50 meters, we filmed the eggs of the European squid (Loligo vulgaris) laid in completely different ways. In the first dive we found them in what would appear to be the optimal situation, i.e. in a hole near the red Gorgonian (Paramuricea clavata), therefore certainly in an area where a constant flow of current and therefore oxygenation is guaranteed ...
T_Phorbas tenacior Blue Sponge Spugna incrostante blu www.intotheblue.it-2023-05-12-15h22m03s828

Blue Sponge

Phorbas tenacior, Blue sponge is one of the first organisms to colonize new wrecks or any submerged vertical surface not yet colonized by marine organisms. In this video we see it on a wreck about 30 meters deep. Probably this wreck is quite recent, perhaps sunk between the first and second world wars, has several colonies of sponges including the blue encrusting sponge, which seems to prefer vertical walls away from direct sunlight. Obviously we also see it next to other species of sponges of the genus Tedania and Verongia but if we look at the part of the prow the presence of Phorbas tenacior ...
EDRO III shipwreck to Cyprus Relitto nave EDRO III a Cipro www.intotheblue.it-2022-11-29-11h05m34s035

EDRO III shipwreck

The vessel EDRO III, flying the flag of Sierra Leone, ran aground to Cyprus in the area of the Maritime Caves off Pegeia in the county of Paphos,on 8 October 2011, during a storm with rough seas and following the failure of the engine which prevented her from being controlled. The shipwreck occurred during a voyage from Cyprus, Limassol, to Rhodes with a cargo of plasterboard. The ship had a crew of nine sailors including the commander: seven of Albanian nationality and two of Egyptian nationality. Rescue was activated quickly, and thanks a British military helicopter present in Cyprus, the crew was saved.
Relitto del Silvio Silvio wreck intotheblue.it-2022-12-30-15h16m52s302

Diving on Silvio's Wreck

Silvio wreck is now reduced to very bad conditions due to the time that has passed but, above all, due to the fishing boats that cause continuous hooks with their trawl nets and then, in an attempt to recover them, cause further damage to the structure of the tug; the wreck is in fact almost completely surrounded by fishing nets. As you can see from the video, the seabed on which it is located is a muddy seabed and a few movements by the diver are enough to lift the mud and make visibility poor; therefore considerable experience is required to avoid accidents and dive in complete safety.
T_European conger Conger conger Grongo-2022-12-02-15h41m28s106

European conger

Conger (European conger - Conger conger) is one of the first marine species of the Mediterranean Sea that colonizes wrecks and we met it right among the plates of one of the many wrecks on which we often dive. It is a nocturnal predator species that lives in caves and ravines during the day and then hunts on the seabed during the night. ...
Discovering new wrecks-2022-07-12-17h59m57s459

Discovering new wrecks

The discovery of an unknown wreck is certainly one of the most beautiful emotions a diver can experience. However, it is an increasingly rare event now, the wrecks that can be visited with scuba loaded with compressed air are now practically all known in the various areas of the Mediterranean Sea, ...

Freediving on Melania wreck

Melania was a coastal freighter that transported goods and more between the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago and Livorno. It is located a short distance from the coast off the coast of Vada (in the area of ​​the beautiful "Secche di Vada") and as can be seen from the images and video at depths that are quite accessible even in apnea ...

British Loyalty wreck

"British Loyalty" was an English tanker of almost 7,000 tons built in 1928. At the beginning of the Second World War, the British "Ministry of War" decided to use it, in the Indian Ocean, as a tanker in support of the warships of the Navy ...

Grabbed nets

Grabbed nets  by the rocks, and therefore now lost, are one of the most frequent environmental damage in our seas. Not only because they continue to kill marine species of fish, molluscs, crustaceans, corals, turtles and dolphins, ...

Acetabularia acetabulum

In this video we are in the waters in front of the Tuaredda Island in Sardinia, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean Sea and for someone one of the most beautiful in the world. While snorkeling ...