Gamberetto maggiore – Palaemon serratus – Common prawn –

Common prawn - Palaemon serratus

Palaemon serratus is a decapod crustacean of the Palaemonidae family. Its vulgar name is greater shrimp, and it is one of the shrimp species that we find in the Mediterranean sea in tide pools and in the intertidal zone, that is, in the area between high and low tide. ...
Missing Island L’Isola mancata

Missing Island

Missing Island is a shoal halfway between the Island of Gorgona and Livorno. The shoal has two summits a couple of miles apart which rise to a depth of about 36 and 46 meters, from a depth of 80 meters on the side of Livorno and over 120 meters on the side of the Island of Gorgona ...

Seabass hunting

Snorkeling among swimmers in summer, preferably in the shallow waters of the rocky and jagged coast, it is easy to meet the sea bass on the hunt. European sea bass or Sea bass, Dicentrarchus labrax, is a salt and brackish water fish of the Moronidae family ...
Medusa luminosa viola Pelagia noctiluca Mauve

Medusa luminosa viola - Pelagia noctiluca

As in all summers, the Pelagia noctiluca, Mauve stinger, luminous jellyfish or purple jellyfish arrived this year too. We met this in the video after a strong storm and at the moment she was swimming alone under the coast in a turquoise sea typical of the after storm ...
Polpo Mimetismo – Octopus Mimicry –

Octopus Mimicry

Video series on the Common Octopus, Octopus vulgaris continues, this time we want to show how the almost perfect mimicry is such an effective weapon. Certainly not because of the Octopus that also in this case manages to blend ...