Sardinia Capo Carbonara Dusky Grouper

The protected marine natural area Capo Carbonara is a protected natural area that is located in south-eastern Sardinia, in the Tyrrhenian sea area that goes from Capo Boi to the area in front of the Serpentara Capo Carbonara protected natural area Sardinia Sardegna

Its area of almost 86 square kilometers is divided by the quadrants: A, B and C. In the marine protected area, in addition to the promontory of Capo Carbonara, the island of Cavoli, the shoal of Berni (in the area of the sea in front of Villasimius between the Cavoli island and the Serpentara island), the shoals of Mezzo and Libeccio (south of the Cavoli island), the shoal of Santa Caterina to the west of the homonymous cove and the shoal of Pescatelli in the sea area in front of Sarux port.

In this video we are on the Santa Caterina shoal and we found a specimen of Dusky Grouper that was allowed to be filmed for a few minutes.

Capo Carbonara Cernia Bruna
Capo Carbonara Cernia Bruna

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