Verongia - Aplysina aerophoba

Aplysina (Aplysina aerophoba Nardo, 1843) is a family of sponge AplysinidaeVerongia Aplysina aerophoba spugna Aplysinidae

Aplysina aerophoba –


Bearings form of yellow fleshy turned on, up to 25-30 cm in diameter, with tubular branches, which have a osculo on the terminal part. If exposed to air, the color becomes green-black; hence the Latin name of aerophoba (who fear air).


It has symbiotic relationships with some species of blue-green algae that settle inside of the outer layer of the sponge cells.

Aplysina aerophoba

Distribution and habitat

It has a cosmopolitan distribution and is common in the Mediterranean Sea. It grows on sandy or rocky bottoms, between the Posidonia or the entrance of the caves, from 10 meters depth up to 30 meters.


It is a protected species. Verongia Aplysina aerophoba spugna Aplysinidae

Aplysina aerophoba – La verongia è una spugna della famiglia delle Aplysinidae.



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