Intotheblue.it aims to collect videos and photos of typical depths of the Mediterranean Sea, to raise awareness of their beauty, to raise awareness of the various bodies and the various species, documenting the various critical issues in order to sensitize people to the respect and protection of a now environment at risk.

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Medusa mediterranea Rhizostoma pulmo – Polmone di mare – Big mediterranean barrel jellyfish – www.intotheblue.it-2024-01-31-15h05m41s482Big mediterranean Barrel jellyfish

Big mediterranean Barrel jellyfish

Big mediterranean barrel jellyfish, Rhizostoma pulmo,, commonly known as the barrel jellyfish, the dustbin-lid jellyfish or the frilly-mouthed jellyfish, is a scyphomedusa in the family Rizostomatidae. It is found in the northeast Atlantic, and in the Mediterranean sea, Black Sea and Sea of Azov. It is also known from the southern Atlantic off the western South African coast and into False Bay
Carangoides ferdau – Blue Trevally – Carangide di Ferdau – Carangide blu – www.intothwblue.it-2023-05-18-17h13m48s948Ferdau’s trevally

Ferdau's trevally

The blue trevally (Carangoides ferdau), also known as the banded trevally, barred trevally, Ferdau's trevally or Forskaal's jackfish, is a common, widespread species of pelagic marine fish classified in the jack family Carangidae. The blue trevally is distributed throughout the tropical and subtropical waters of the Indo-Pacific and central Pacific regions, ranging from South Africa in the west to Hawaii in the east
T_Brittle starfish Ophioderma longicauda Stella serpentina liscia-2024-06-09-10h02m29s303Brittle starfish Ophioderma longicauda Stella serpentina liscia-2024-06-09-09h58m42s967Brittle starfish Ophioderma longicauda Stella serpentina liscia-2024-06-09-09h58m56s857Brittle starfish Ophioderma longicauda Stella serpentina liscia-2024-06-09-10h11m56s354Stella serpentina liscia – Ophioderma longicauda

Stella serpentina liscia - Ophioderma longicauda

Brittle or Serpentine starfish, Ophioderma longicauda, ​​is an Echinoderm of the Ophiodermatidae species, it is one of the most common starfish in the Mediterranean Sea. In this video we see two specimens, one with a diameter of approximately 10 cm, while the second smaller one has a diameter of approximately 5/6 cm. Brittle starfish. ...
Basket star in appointment to reproduce – Stelle Gorgone in procreazione – Astrospartus mediterraneus – www.intotheblue.it-2024-05-22-14h14m12s619Basket star in appointment to reproduce

Basket star in appointment to reproduce

In many years of scuba diving I have never encountered so many Basket star all at once. Surely there are precise reasons to justify this concentration. The reasons can be various, the most logical ones lead me to think that it is an appointment to reproduce and that in these rocks there are optimal conditions, of currents and plankton, for their life and feeding. This beautiful video, made in a single dive between Livorno and the island of Gorgona, is the demonstration of what has been stated.
Relitto Genepesca Wreck-2024-05-28-16h58m13s777Genepesca


I dived on the wreck of the Genepesca, a "Classic" for those who frequent the seabed of the Vada shallows and the Livorno coast. The idea was to test the equipment, including torches and cameras but above all to try to make a video of the wreck without the mucilage that usually covers it in summer.
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