Trumpet Anemone II - Aiptasia mutabilis

In a few meters of water watching in holes and craves  is quite common to meet the anemones. In this video I also found a Trumpet anemoneAiptasia mutabilis“, unlike other anemones “anemonia sulcata” is extremely contractile, we can see it in the movie slowed by a quarter compared to the original speed.

anemone bruno - Aiptasia mutabilis -
anemone bruno – Aiptasia mutabilis –

Trumpet anemone has several long and translucent tentacles used by the anemone to capture the prey and to defend itself, through the emission of white stinging filaments called “aconzie”. The column is brown in color and the base is smaller in diameter, with which these invertebrates can be firmly anchored on a rock, or migrate in search of a safe place suitable for their needs.


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