Red Blenniidae - Lipophrys nigriceps

The red blenniidae (Lipophrys nigiceps) is a small fish belonging to the Blenniidae family. red blenniidae bavosa rossa blennidi specie endemica mediterraneo

Lipophrys nigriceps Rabosa negra Bavosa rossa
Lipophrys nigriceps Rabosa negra Bavosa rossa

Distribution and habitat

It is an endemic species of the Mediterranean Sea. Lives in dark environments such as caves and crevasses. It is hardly identifiable in its habitat that abounds with red-encrusting organisms, probably because of this and the difficult practicability of its environment of choice that the species is commonly considered rare while in reality it is quite widespread. It meets at a greater depth than the congeners, up to 20 meters.

Bavosa Rossa -
Bavosa Rossa –

Description red blenniidae bavosa rossa blennidi specie endemica mediterraneo 

Its overall appearance is very similar to congeners such as L.dalmatinus or L.adriaticus but the livery is absolutely unmistakable since it is vermillion red on the three rear quarters of the body and has the head and the first part of the chest are gray or bluish with numerous black and almost confluent spots. During the period of reproduction, the adult male presents the same yellow and black facial mask typical of the other Lipophrys such as L.canevai or L.adriaticus.



In the caves usually occupies the ceiling stationing upside down. It is a very suspicious species that slips into its den at the slightest disturbance.



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Lipophrys nigriceps – Rabosa negra

Blennius nigriceps

Red Blenny – Lipophrys nigriceps

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