Oloturia Maculata Cetriolo di mare a punte scure - Holothuria sanctori

Holothuria sanctori (Delle Chiaje, 1823) is a species of the genus Holothuria of the family Holothuriidae. Oloturia a punte scure Dark Stewed Holothuria Sanctori intotheblue.it

Holothuria sanctori intotheblue.it
Holothuria sanctori intotheblue.it

Habitat and distribution
Mediterranean Sea and Eastern Atlantic Ocean.

It is commonly called “dark-stewed sea cucumber” due to the similarity that presents the appearance of this animal with a cucumber and to always have dark papillae. The body is cylindrical and on the back is covered with irregularly arranged conical papillae. This species is characterized by having a brown body, often with rounded white spots at the base of the papillae, but always with dark brown papillae. It reaches about 20 cm of maximum length. When it feels threatened, it emits long white or pink sticky filaments called Cuvier Tubes that are present in many species belonging to this family.

Holothuria sanctori intotheblue.it
Holothuria sanctori intotheblue.it


It feeds by ingesting huge quantities of sand and mud from which it draws nourishment.

Related species In the Mediterranean there are six other species of Holothuria: Holothuria tubulosaHolothuria helleriHolothuria impatiensHolothuria mammataHolothuria poliHolothuria forskali.




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