Cernia Nera - Epinephelus Caninus

Black Grouper (Epinephelus caninus) is a sea fish belonging to the Serranidae family, rare in Italian seas. Cernia Nera Black Grouper Epinephelus caninus

la Cernia nera - the black Grouper -
la Cernia nera – the black Grouper –

Distribution and habitat

It is a very southern species, in fact it has its main range along the tropical African coasts. In the Mediterranean it is rare, it is sometimes fished in Sicilian and Greek waters. It generally lives between 100 and 200 meters deep on rocky or mixed surfaces.

It prefers warm waters and adults are found in depths varying between 100 and 150 meters, while young people get closer to the coast. Unknown reproduction. The diet is essentially made up of fish and cephalopod molluscs. It is caught almost exclusively with fishing lines and bottom lines. It is the largest species of grouper existing in the Mediterranean, being able to reach the length of one and a half meters and the weight of 80-90 kilos.

la Cernia nera - the black Grouper -
la Cernia nera – the black Grouper –



Similar to the brown grouper, it is distinguished by: some dark lines behind the eye (characteristic effect of “rigged eyes”) dorsal, anal and caudal fins edged with white dark indistinct bands on the sides while the light spots typical of E.marginatus are always absent. It reaches truly remarkable dimensions: up to a maximum of 160 cm per 90 kg of weight (in African waters).



Carnivorous based on other fish and cephalopods similar to congeners.


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