Musdea - Phycis phycis

Phycis phycis, commonly known as forkbeard or white hake, is a salt water fish of the Gadidae family. Phycis phycis conosciuta come mostella o musdea

Mostella – Phycis phycis –

Habitat and distribution

Widespread in the North Eastern Atlantic, from Morocco to the Gulf of Biscay, to the south of Cape Verde, in the Mediterranean Sea and the Azores, both stony and sandy bottoms of from about 20 to 650 meters deep.


Body elongated, thickened anteriorly, compressed posteriorly, dark brown or gray uniforme.Sul chin barbel is present; It has a wide mouth with thick lips. The dorsal fin is double, rounded (the first can have 9 or 11 soft rays, the second 56 or 65), the pelvic fins, which have 2 soft rays, are reduced to bifids filaments. rounded caudal fin, with rays 27 or 29 soft rays, anal fin that starts at about half length to reach the caudal peduncle, with 52 or 60 soft rays. Up to 40-50 centimeters lunghezza.La pectoral fin can have 17 or 19 soft rays.


Night and sciaphilous species (shadow lover), the day he took refuge among the rocks. Unsociable.


Breeding takes place from January to May.


It feeds on small fish and invertebrates. Phycis phycis conosciuta come mostella o musdea



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