Ridge outside Livorno

We are in a stretch of sea between Livorno and the island of Gorgona, off the island of Gorgona at a depth of between -62m. -67m. The seabed is typical of the Mediterranean Sea at high depths (even if there are no Gorgonians) we see a rocky wall full of life; in fact there are marine encrustations due to algae of various kinds, many marine sponges of the genus Aplysina aerophoba and the marine fauna characteristic of these seabeds. dorsale fuori livorno intotheblue.it

The Stylocidaris affinis belonging to echinoderms. Echinoderms are animals without eyes but equally capable of receiving light signals. The ends of the ambulacral pedicels also represent the seat on which the photoreceptor cells are arranged, which cooperate synergistically and function as a whole as a single large eye.

Recall that the Epinephelus marginatus is a fish belonging to the family Serranidae, hermaphrodite proterogino who lives long, some estimate over 50 years, and become male around 12 years. Therefore all specimens of great size are male. The presence of this fish highlights a good state of health of the sea and for us scuba divers is always good news.

Red Scorpionfish of Mediterranean Sea, (Scorpaena scrofa), common name the red scorpionfishbigscale scorpionfishlarge-scaled scorpion fish or Rascasse is a venomous marine species of fidh in the family Scorpaenidae, the “scorpionfish”. This species is found in the Mediterranean Sea. It is also found in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean around the British Isles, where it is rare, south to Senegal, the Canary Islands, and Cape Verde.

It is the largest and most corpulent scorpionfish that lives in the Mediterranean Sea and can in fact reach 50 cm. in length and 4/5 kg. of weight, much sought after for the goodness of its meats and appreciated in the kitchen in many recipes. The body is particularly robust and the head, very evident, is covered with thorns. dorsale fuori livorno intotheblue.it

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