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Il Tritone del Mediterraneo - Charonia Tritonis - the Giant Triton -
Il Tritone del Mediterraneo – Charonia Tritonis – the Giant Triton –

Charonia tritonis, common name the Triton’s trumpet or the Giant Triton, is a species of very large sea scnail, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family Charoniidae, Gastropoda class. The tritons reaching up to 60 cm in shell length this is one of the big mollusks in the coral reefTritone Mediterraneo Charonia tritonis Giant Triton

Its spiral shape with a wide opening allows it to be used as a recall tool and is therefore also known as a sea trumpet. It is a very voracious carnivore that lives in a rocky environment where it can easily find food. In fact, it feeds on benthic invertebrates, especially sea cucumbers and starfish, which it completely swallows and digests the calcified protective structures of the victims by secretion from specific salivary glands of sulfuric acid and aspartate.

During a dive in the waters of the Tuscan Archipelago I met this wonderful shell. It is a difficult animal to meet because it is rare throughout the Mediterranean, especially in the northern part. It is a protected species and its fishing has been banned for a long time. In the past its shell was used by sailors as a horn to communicate, with its particular sound, with other ships or to have help in case of need.Known since ancient Greece it was considered the son of the god of the sea Neptune (Posidon) and depicted as a human being in the upper part and the lower part in the form of a fish with a forked tail. He was given the power to unleash and calm storms by blowing with his giant shell. Tritone Mediterraneo Charonia tritonis Giant Triton


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