Marine plastic pollution

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Inquinamento da Plastica - Marine plastic pollution -
Inquinamento da Plastica – Marine plastic pollution – – nella foto si vedono anche avanotti

Recycling Reuse Recovery Recreate Reduce …  Inquinamento da Plastica – Marine plastic pollution –

There are many “R” that can be evoked to try to reduce marine pollution from plastics, waste of resources, and to try to make all of us aware of respect for the environment and the sea.

The times we live in are those of Greta Thunberg, the Skolstrejk för klimatet (Climate Strike), Sustainable Development against Climate Change, Circular Economy and the Plastic Islands. These are the times when the Paris Agreements, the Kyoto Protocol and the various COP ^ n have practically failed their CO2 reduction and global warming reduction goals.

In this blog we filmed the phenomenon of coral bleaching, the destruction of coral reefs and the loss of that precious biodiversity that every ecosystem would need; we have documented the danger of plastic in our seas, of how it can be the cause of death of so many cetaceans, dolphins and sea turtles. We continually try to raise awareness among people by making known and showing the various marine species in their environments and in their habitats, which are increasingly contaminated and destroyed due to human behavior.

Inquinamento da Plastica - Marine plastic pollution - intotheblue.itInquinamento da Plastica – Marine plastic pollution –

Returning to the many “R” that we can continually enunciate it is not always possible to act, in the video we see a plastic bottle embedded in a hole in one of the many depths of our seas and oceans, practically almost impossible to remove, we do not say where we found it because it is a phenomenon now common in all the seas around the world. That bottle will remain there for who knows how many years and it will turn into dangerous microplastics that will inevitably enter the food chain, it arrived in that hole not because of the sea or some storms, but because of an irresponsible and apparently harmless gesture of a few seconds that some of us have done, causing environmental damage, to which we cannot remedy and which we should serve for several hundred years.

Inquinamento da Plastica - Marine plastic pollution -
Marine plastic pollution –

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