Mediterranean Lobster

Lupicante Astice European Lobster Homarus gammarus

Mediterranean Lobster (Homarus gammarus), it is the largest crustacean in the Mediterranean sea, the body is in fact covered with a robust shell with two large unequal but very powerful claws. The long front antennas represent its organs of touch. The length can exceed seventy centimeters and there are reports of fishermen who have taken more than ten kilograms of weight.

Astice del mediterraneo - Lupicante - Homarus gammarus - mediterranean Lobster -
Astice del mediterraneo – Lupicante – Homarus gammarus – mediterranean Lobster –

We can find it at depths of between 30 and 100 meters of depth and generally loves to live creating its own lair both in splits, and at the base of the rocky bottoms where the light arrives with difficulty. He has nocturnal habits and loves a solitary life defending his own territory and assaulting those who approach him threateningly with their powerful claws.

Great predator feeds on fish and cephalopods which represent its favorite food.

Elegant and robust with completely smooth armor it has an intense blue-blue color with patches of yellow and white in the upper part while the belly is white.

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