Garfish - Belone belone

aguglia - belone belone - garfish -

The Garfish (Belone belone) belongs to the Osteichthyes class, to the subclass Actinopterygii, to the superorder Teleostei, to the Synentognathi order and to the Belonidae family.

It has a very elongated and compressed body, the dorsal zone is dark blue and fades in the blue on the flanks which are silvery; The belly is yellowish in color. Its length can exceed 80 cm and 1 Kg of weight. The jaws are thin and prominent enough to resemble a beak.

The Garfish is a pelagic fish that lives on the high seas, only during the summer it approaches the coast to spawn, which by means of filaments attach themselves to the algae on the bottom of the sea, we can meet it under the surface of the sea where it camouflage in a way Amazing thanks also to the splashes of the waves.

aguglia - belone belone - garfish -
aguglia – belone belone – garfish –



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