Sand Steenbras

Sand Steenbras (Lithognathus Mormoryus) belongs to the class Osteichthyes, subclass Actinopterygii, order Perciformes, suborder Percoidei, family Sparidae.

lithognathus mormoryus - sand steenbras -
mormora – lithognathus mormoryus – sand steenbras –

It is a beautiful elegant silver-colored fish with six very dark and highlighted vertical bands and an equal number of narrower and less evident bands, the body is long and compressed laterally, the profile is high and rounded. The lips are fleshy and the teeth are arranged in different rows; it can reach a length of 30 cm. and a weight that rarely reaches one kilogram. It has gregarious habits and we find it in small groups in a depth mixed with rock and sand at a depth that hardly exceeds 20 meters.

It is a common fish all over the Mediterranean and in the warm waters of the eastern Atlantic, it prefers coastal areas even reaching a few meters from the water’s edge.


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