The Sclerattinie or corals (Scleractinia Bourne,1900) are a coral order of the Hexacorallia subclass.

This video made in the Maldives shows a stretch of coral reef completely destroyed by the tsunami of 26 December 2004, a real natural catastrophe that has severely damaged many atolls. But the Marine world began to reconstitute itself through the formation of Sclerattinie. We hope that man will not provoke further damage by affecting climate change.

They are solitary or colonial forms with aragonitico skeleton (less stable than calcite); The symmetry is radial and the SEPTA appear for sectors of 60 ° to cycles of 6; septa are prevalent with respect to transverse elements.

The colonial forms give rise to bio-constructions known as coral reefs or reefs, diffused at all latitudes and in a wide range of depth. The most developed and best known reefs are however of low seas and in inter-tropical latitudes. Coral reefs are capable of withstanding waves and currents and allow the development of carbonate platform environments such as atolls.

The exclusive solitary forms of the Scleractinia are the flabellata and the cuneiform; These are often gregarious forms, which can give rise to organogeni benches.

Scleractinia –

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