Blennius nigriceps

Bavosa Rossa -
Bavosa Rossa –

Bavosa rossa Blennius nigriceps blennidi Blennidae

Blennius nigriceps belongs to the class Osteichthyes, subclass Actinopterygii, order Perciformes, suborder Ammodytoidea, family Blennidae.

It has large eyes located very high and a steep profile, has no appendages on the head and the dorsal fin is divided into two parts. Its size is very small, hardly exceeds 4 cm in length, and has a red coloration with black spots on the head.

It lives in the rocky areas and prefers the crevices or caves, in penumbra areas, where there are red algae to better camouflage.


Bavosa Rossa -
Bavosa Rossa –

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