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On May 26, 2017, thanks to an educational trip organized by the first secondary school I could visit the island of Gorgona. Gorgona Arcipelago Toscano IntotheBlue.it Livorno

The Island of Gorgona is located in the Ligurian Sea, in front of Livorno, 37 km from the coast. With its 220 acres of land, it is the smallest of the Tuscan Archipelago. It is a fraction of the municipality of Livorno, predominantly mountainous and rich in vegetation typical of the Mediterranean scrub, is home to a criminal colony, initially built as a branch of that of Pianosa in 1869. The main center is a small village that crowns the marina.

What is most striking about the island is the natural beauty of the environment we are no longer used to and the fact that everything seems except a prison, the penitentiary administration, which manages the island, has defined the Areas accessible to the public and concord with the Park Authority the accessible trails, in order to appreciate the work experiences of the population.

Gorgona intotheblue.it
Gorgona intotheblue.it

However, you can not move freely on the island and then bring mobile phones and cameras, which must be delivered before landing.

The agreement for the visit of Gorgona was signed by the City of Livorno, the Tuscan Archipelago National Park and the Livorno Prison Board. While until 2015 you could only access the island by appointment, communicating your data to the penitentiary administration, it is now possible to visit Gorgona by a regular boat departing from the Darsena Vecchia of Livorno for up to 75 people at a time And for no more than four days a week; For the visit it will be indispensable the presence of some guides authorized by the Park, thanks to them (Martina and Walter) we could know the island and write this article.

Gorgona Together with the islands of Capraia, Pianosa, Elba, Giglio, Giannutri and Montecristo, the Tuscan Archipelago National Park was created to protect their natural environments of great cultural and scientific value. It is predominantly mountainous and rich in vegetation typical of Mediterranean scrub, but there are also some chestnut and black alder plants; Its highest relief is 255 meters. Gorgona is currently home to a criminal colony, initially created as a branch of the Pianosa branch in 1869. The Ministry of Justice manages the penal colony. Walking along the coast line, there are charming creeks and bays like Cala Scirocco where the Cove of the Sea Bove opens, a refuge of nuns. Towards the west, the coast falls to the sea, while on the east rises three small valleys (Cala Maestra, Cala Marcona, Cala Scirocco).

Gorgona Cala Maestra - intotheblue.it
Gorgona Cala Maestra – intotheblue.it

Going inward there are two ancient fortifications: the Old Tower and the Torre Nova. The sea of ​​Gorgona, which has never been exploited in tourism, gives extraordinary transparency and exceptional backdrops, also because for decades the ban on bathing was imposed . That’s why a visit can give you many satisfactions, of course in respect of rules and sustainable use.


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