Palinurus elephas, Corallium rubrum, Scorpaena scrofa, Savalia savaglia, Anthias anthias

Corallo rosso Corallium rubrum Red coral
Corallo rosso Corallium rubrum Red coral

Palinurus elephas Corallium rubrum Scorpaena scrofa Savalia savaglia Anthias anthias
This movie was made on 31.07.2016 in the low seabed Ligurian Sea at a depth of 65/70 meters. The duration is about 15 minutes, the original resolution is 1920 x 1080 x 60 fps. The current resolution is 1200 x 720 x 24fps. Trick to note the presence of the net for a lobster fisherman has dropped on the seabed absent the day before (see 2016.07.03).

Scorfano rosso Scorphena scrofa -
Scorfano rosso Scorphena scrofa –

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