Orata - Sparus aurata

orata_sparus_aurataOrata Sparus aurata Sparidae Sparidi intotheblue.it

Sparus aurata ( Sparus aurata Linnaeus , 1758 ) is a bony fish of sea and brackish water , which belongs to the Sparidae family. It is present throughout the Mediterranean and Eastern Atlantic, from the extreme south of the British Isles to Cape Verde. It is a strictly coastal fish and lives between 5 and 150 m from the coast; attended both hard sandy seabed, it is particularly common on the border between the two substrates. Usually it leads a solitary life or in small groups. It is a species very euryhaline, so that you can frequently be found in lagoons and estuaries, but is extremely sensitive to low temperatures. It is very common in Italian seas.

Wikipedia Spaurus Aurata


Orata - Sparus aurata - Sparidae - intotheblue.it - intotheblue.it
Orata – Sparus aurata – Sparidae – intotheblue.it – intotheblue.it

Encounter with a herd of Sparus aurata in visibility of about 2 meters.

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