Posidonia Oceanica

Posidonia oceanica - intotheblue.it
Posidonia oceanica – intotheblue.it

Posidonia Oceanica Oceanic aquatic plant endemic Mediterranean Sea intotheblue.it

Posidonia oceanica (L.) Delile, 1813 is an aquatic plant, endemic to the Mediterranean Sea, belonging to the Posidoniacee family (Monocotyledon Angiosperms).
It has characteristics similar to terrestrial plants, it has roots, a rhizomatous stem and ribbon-shaped leaves up to one meter long and united in tufts of 6-7. It blooms in autumn and in spring it produces floating fruits commonly called “sea olives”.
It forms submarine grasslands that have a significant ecological importance, forming the climax community of the Mediterranean Sea and exerting a significant action in protecting the coast line from erosion. Inside live many animal and vegetable organisms that find nourishment and protection in the prairie.
The Posidonieto is considered a good bioindicator of the quality of coastal marine waters.

Posidonia oceanica - intotheblue.it
Posidonia oceanica – intotheblue.it



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