Again a Tyre at Sea

When we do our dives we like to film and show the most beautiful images of our underwater world. It happens more often, however, to come across images like those that we show you that highlight the low respect for the marine environment and the degradation due to human activities. inquinamento marine degradation copertone pneumatico

Ancora un Copertone in Mare - Again a Tyre at Sea -
Ancora un Copertone in Mare – Again a Tyre at Sea –

The sea is a complex ecosystem that we all have to respect and love because it could ultimately turn against us. We have also made a commitment to document the things that pollute or destroy the marine environment to make everyone aware of how to keep our sea clean. In this video we show you a tire that we found buried and that has been there for who knows how long. Someone did not know how to dispose of it and threw it into the sea …? Or was it simply lost by a trawler or a ship that used it as a fender …? We do not know! We know that it is a foreign element that will degrade perhaps in many years.

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