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This video was taken last Saturday (14/10/2023) during an inshore dive at about 15 meters deep. I mention the precise date because during the canonical 3 minutes of decompression at a depth of 3 meters, hanging from the chain of one of the “safe water” signaling buoys, about 200 meters from the rocky and jagged coast, I decide to check the temperature of the water and the computer measured 25°C.

Global warming - riscaldamento globale - 23°C - 14 m.
Global warming – riscaldamento globale – 23°C – 14 m.

October is certainly one of the best months for recreational diving from the coast without too many precautions such as a support boat, diving buddy, and more. In this period, as there are not too many people in the water, the fish and marine species are calmer and the sea temperature is still pleasant and “warm enough”, but 25° degrees at 3 meters is definitely high for this period. These signals should really make us reflect and reiterate that the climate is changing too quickly and it will never be enough. The anomalous temperatures of our seas are the most obvious sign of global warming and climate change and you just need to follow this website to see all the signs that these changes are not at all a good sign for the health of the sea and our planet.

Unknow species Specie sconosciuta intotheblue.it
Unknow species Specie sconosciuta intotheblue.it

We often document alien species species such as the blue crab, the invasion of the Sea Nut Mnemiopsis leidyi, the yellow legged crab, mucilage, native algae from other seas and fish such as the Barracuda or the Scorpionfish.

In this video, however, we found a species of coral, sponge or coral algae that we cannot identify, it is certainly not endemic to the Mediterranean and the little research we have done (google lens and the consultation of other sites such as biologiamarina.it) reminds us to a coral species such as turbinaria, a genus that is widely distributed in the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the south-western Pacific, therefore certainly not in the Mediterranean Sea. Obviously we sent the photos to some marine biologists and experts and as soon as we have news we will update the article, however we are open to any comments, news, advice and more.

Unknow species Specie sconosciuta intotheblue.it
Unknow species Specie sconosciuta intotheblue.it




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