ascidia viola - halocynthia papillosa - red sea squirt -
ascidia viola – halocynthia papillosa – red sea squirt –

Ascidia classe Ascidiacei subphylum Urocordati

Ascidian is a marine animal of the Ascidians class, Subphylum urochordates. It has a body coated with a cellulose substance, on which two siphons are opened at a short distance: one of ingestion or mouth which enters a large respiratory cavity bounded by the branchial sack, from which the intestine originates, and one of expulsion or Cloacal in which the intestine ends.

The heart pulsates so as to push the blood alternately now in the branchial sense, now in the opposite direction. It is a hermaphroditic animal similar to sponges.

(Excerpt from Wikipedia)


ascidia -
ascidia –


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