Nosy Be - Madagascar - Tridacna Gigas II

Tridacna Gigas - Tridacna Gigante - Stefano
Tridacna Gigas – Tridacna Gigante – Stefano

The giant Tridacna (Tridacna gigas) is the largest bivalve mollusk exists: can reach the meter and a half in length and exceed 300 kg. The habitat of this mollusk is limited western Pacific Ocean, in the areas of Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia (Great Barrier Reef). He lives in the cliffs up to 15 m deep. In Nosy Be we met about 20 meters deep.

Inside the mantle tridacna are zooxanthellae algae in large numbers. These algae, as well as being responsible for the great variety and vividness of colors, live in symbiosis with the animal. During the day the shell is open and tridacna lives in the shallow water to penetrate more light. Of these algae, many are transported in the visceral area and assimilated. Through the giant clam siphon filters the water so feeding on plankton.


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