First dive of the season is always quite critical. The equipment must be tested: BCD, regulators, scuba, computers, etc. but above all finding assets, aquatic skills and physical condition. In practice it is training to then increase the objectives we try to achieve. For these reasons we try to immerse ourselves in a known place where we can find the tranquility and security that we lost during the winter break. Relitto Genepesca Wreck

Relitto Genepesca Wreck -
Relitto Genepesca Wreck –

I dived on the wreck of the Genepesca, a “Classic” for those who frequent the seabed of the Vada shallows and the Livorno coast. The idea was to test the equipment, including torches and cameras but above all to try to make a video of the wreck without the mucilage that usually covers it in summer. The second objective was achieved, in fact, as can be seen from the yellow Gorgonians on the left side, the mucilage is practically absent and the shots came out quite well despite the poor visibility in the water (5/6 meters maximum), the temperature of the water at the bottom was about 17°.

Relitto Genepesca Wreck
Relitto Genepesca Wreck –

Cameras and flashlights worked well… but as you can see from the video, the computer’s battery was almost totally empty! so to stay in the safety curve and avoid unnecessary risks (the unloaded computer does not calculate either the ascent speed or the depth, only the dive time) I had to ascend before the expected time, trying to respect the ascent speed and the decompression using the old and always fundamental decompression tables.

Relitto Genepesca Wreck -
Relitto Genepesca Wreck –

Diving on Genepesca is always a good dive, even if it is a wreck and therefore there can always be risks. I refer to this link for further information on the ship and its sinking due to a World War II mine.
The maximum depth is 30 meters and the wreck goes back up to 25/26 meters, so it is a “recreational” dive and of medium-simple difficulty. The funnel and the stern quarterdeck on which it was installed, with the characteristic writing GENEPESCA, collapsed a few years ago, probably due to the usual trawl net.


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