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I made this video off the Calafuria reef at a depth between 45 and 48 meters deep. These are isolated rocks outside the reef and not within the reach of all divers. In fact, the seabed and depth are quite challenging and not suitable for everyone, especially when encountering underwater marine conditions of poor visibility. We found an ideal day with clear water and calm sea. To dive into these isolated rocks you need a support boat and assistance to the diver from the surface that requires attention and experience. We went with our boat and the assistance made by an experienced diver and therefore able to understand the behavior of diving companions from the surface. calafuria sconosciuta

Vista panoramica di Calafuria - Panoramic view of Calafuria -
Vista panoramica di Calafuria – Panoramic view of Calafuria –

Overlooking the sea, this splendid cliff continues its profile even under the sea surface until it reaches a depth of 36 meters, a short distance from the shore, and then rests on a seabed of sandy debris mixed with mud. It is one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Tuscany in the stretch from Quercianella to Livorno. Wild area covered by a luxuriant Mediterranean scrub with the Livorno hills behind it. From here you can admire a unique panorama that includes the closest island of Gorgona, the island of Capraia and on clear days you can easily see Corsica, the Promontory of Piombino and the entire Island of Elba. calafuria sconosciuta

Scogliera coralligena - Coral reef -
Scogliera coralligena – Coral reef –

For divers and sea lovers Calafuria represents a real underwater paradise. It is easily accessible from the ground, both for those who dive with cylinders, and for those who free dive or who like to snorkel, and therefore there is no need for support boats and assistance from the surface. You can dive in absolute safety by reaching the bottom and then slowly rising to the surface following the profile of the seabed. You can stay on the so-called “No-decompression dives” because the depth is relatively challenging. It is a real training and equipment test gym for those who then want to do challenging dives.

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