Sea Bream

This Sparus aurata, Sea Bream was filmed by snorkeling in the summer among bathers. In fact, in summer Sea Bream is less suspicious and it is easy to see it swimming with mask and snorkel while it is quiet looking for food among rocks or sand.
We met her on a rocky bottom a few meters deep while exploring the seabed in search of molluscs, crustaceans, and other organisms that she feeds on. Orata Sparus aurata sea bream Mediterranean Sea

Sparus aurata Orata Snorkeling
Sparus aurata Orata Snorkeling

Sea bream is present throughout the Mediterranean basin and in the eastern Atlantic, from the extreme south of the British islands to Cape Verde. It is a fish belonging to the Sparidae family, strictly coastal and lives between 5 and 150 m from the coast; it frequents both hard and sandy bottoms, is particularly widespread at the boundary between the two substrates. Normally leads a solitary life or in small groups. It is a very Eurialine species, so much so that it can frequently be found in lagoons and estuaries, but it is extremely sensitive to low temperatures. It is very common in Italian seas.

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