Goby - Gobiidae

Gobies are the largest family of bony fish, with over 2000 species divided into 200 different genera. The members of this family, belonging to the Perciformes order, are commonly called goby. Gobies goby Ghiozzo Gobidi intotheblue.it Mediterranean Sea

Ghiozzo – Gobiidae – intotheblue.it

These fish are widespread in the seas all over the world and in the fresh waters of tropical and warm temperate zones. They are much more frequent in tropical regions but there are many species also in cold waters such as those of the North Sea or the Baltic Sea. On the contrary, they are completely absent from the polar seas. The Gobiidae have for the most part a strictly bentonic lifestyle and almost always keep close contact with the bottom.

Ghiozzo – Gobiidae – intotheblue.it

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